“The work your team has done so far has been excellent.”


GENERAL MANAGER, Hamilton Casework Solutions

Hamilton Casework Solutions

“I call them my team; I don’t even think of them as RipeConcepts. They’re Russell Platt Architecture. They will help my architecture firm in Salt Lake City grow substantially by doing really good quality work. The more support I get here, the more successful I am at home.”

—Russell Platt

Architect, Russell Platt Architecture

RussellPlatt Architecture

“We’re so busy we can’t keep up – the benefit of having RipeConcepts come in, they’re able to help pick up that load. And I thought the time difference was going to be a big hindrance, it actually helps us because they’re almost a full day in front of us. We can send something to them and get it back the next morning when we get back to work. It’s sitting there waiting for us most of the time. So it’s actually a benefit. It’s like sending it to the future!”

—Devin Walker

Lead Draftsman, Walker Home Design

Walker Home Design Icon

We are so fussy about princess faces, and we are thrilled with your work. In fact, we weren’t sure which was yours and which was ours!”

—Susan Griggs

Creative Operations - Disney Consumer Products

Disney Logo

You did a terrific job with our Little People project. As we develop our plans for key brands, we will definitely be in touch.

—Dave Ciganko

VP Design - Fisher-Price

Fisher Price Logo